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We at the Million Mom Movement believe in putting high quality food, superfood and products into our bodies and the bodies of our family. We believe in Individualized medicine and that vaccines are not one size fits all, as no human is alike. 

We at the Million Mom Movement believe that toxic exposure should be limited. It is an established fact that some vaccines contain known neurotoxins, such as Polysorbate 80, aluminum and Thimerosol aka Mercury, that can and do cause injury. When vaccines are bundled, we don’t know what the combination will do. Sadly, we acknowledge those who have experienced death or injury caused by vaccines. 

Vaccination is an incredibly personal decision made between a doctor and their patient. We believe each family has the right to choose whether or not vaccination is right for them. We believe, as such, that classifying those who question vaccines or the efficacy of said medicine, or those that choose not to vaccinate as “anti-vaxx” is both incorrect and unfair. All parents want their children to be safe. Given that as of 2019, over $4 billion has been paid out in compensation for vaccine injury (the National Vaccine Injury Protection Act was passed in 1986), concerned parents should not be demonized nor their questions minimized.

While vaccines are very important and often save lives, concerns arise from the fact that they are the only medical product not required to have the safety testing required of other drugs. The call for certitude that vaccines are safe and responsible is not “anti-science” but rather “pro-science,” as it is a call for independent scientific research to review and establish vaccine safety. We stand behind a parents right to choose the best path of health for their family and we welcome all those into our movement: the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Should you experience vaccine injury, we are here to support you in detoxing your family.

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We at the Million Mom Movement believe in putting high quality food, superfood and products into our bodies and the bodies of our family. We believe...

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