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I want to discuss something that is extremely close to my heart (and) something I have not spoken about for quite some time.

One reason is because I have been becoming a father again, raising a newborn baby into this world… with all of the hope, the dreams and the aspirations that every parent experiences.

But I also have had other experiences and emotions… like fear, and anxiety, and a questioning of her development, of whether it is typical, normal, on track! (and) whether there are any signs that she is not well- in any way- physically, emotionally, and developmentally!

And of course I know that every parent has gone through this…that I am not unique.

But today, parents have another concern, not just whether their children might get a flu or the measles or even whooping cough, TODAY’S parents sit and watch and wonder whether or not their child might be on the “SPECTRUM“.

Are they making eye contact?

Are they affectionate?

And then the guilt… IS THIS EVEN RIGHT… maybe this anxiety and fear is completely unfounded, it may be that autism is a unique blessing that simply needs to be understood…

So many emotions… so few answers.

And so now that some time has passed and the emotions are settling, I want to share with you this video about the amazing work being done by THE AWAKEN PROJECT, and how we are striving to help to heal the injury to autistic “interconnectedness”. Our goal is to help restore some of the untapped abilities and joy – that when unleashed will AWAKEN hearts minds and ultimately the world to embrace all of the challenges and the magic embodied in this unique expression of humanity.

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