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On the December 4 Fierce Friday Million Mom Movement Council Members, Jodi Parker and Tas Ferreira shared how you can have happy taste buds but no guilt this holiday season

But let’s summarize:

Choose Organic Foods and Avoid Overly Processed Foods

Certified organic foods will never have chemical herbicides/pesticides and will never use GMO (genetically modified) ingredients. They will be grown in an environmentally responsible way. As you read labels and packaging avoid things like refined sugar, artificial dyes, and sweeteners, corn syrup, trans fat, etc. Starting with whole foods that you can find on the outer edges of the grocery store will always be your best best. If you want kids to eat their veggies—cut them up, use a healthy oil like coconut or olive or avocado oil, and roast them in the oven. A dash of sea salt and pretty much every vegetable you try will taste good!

Add Superfoods to Anything and Everything

Use the recipe section here on the MMM website. You’ll find everything from salad dressing made with Can’t Beet This to pancakes made with MVP Kids to desserts that use a variety of the Juice Bar in a Bag products. Read through the recipes to start the creative juices flowing and then mix, match, and experiment. When you find something that works, email us with the recipe. If we include it here on the website we will send you a FREE Apothe-Cherry!!

Upgrade Traditional Holiday Recipes with Higher Quality Ingredients

  • Instead of butter use Tropic (coconut) oil or olive oil
  • Instead of refined white sugar use dates, maple syrup, honey, or molasses
  • Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate—Throw extra cocoa powder into melted chocolate or MVP Kids for more protein and more anti-oxidants.
  • If you can find them, use fresh over dried herbs—add freshly minced garlic over garlic powder. Use ground turmeric root or ginger root over their powdered equivalents. Use a fresh jalapeño over pepper flakes. Etc. The flavors will be more vibrant and the health benefits will be higher.
  • Use Pumpkin pie spice on EVERYTHING! (okay, we’re exaggerating but that stuff is GOOD!)
  • Chocolate hides everything—throw Juice Bar in a Bag products or MVP Kids or Epigenius Kids into anything chocolate. And if you want a hint of mint, use the Cocoa Mint Spirulina.

Get the kids involved!

When kids are part of the preparation they are much more likely to enjoy the food! Get them involved. Don’t be afraid to get messy—teaching kids to help clean up is a life skill!! 

Happy Holidays!!

For more on the recipes from the Super Healthy Holidays Fierce Friday check out these links:


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