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Scholarship Details


The MMM Scholarship Opportunity is designed for caregivers who aspire to be superfood entrepreneurs and leaders within the Purium community. We offer this business program to anyone who is caring for a family or family member, and is seeking an opportunity to achieve financial freedom. The scholarship aims to empower those with a strong desire to learn how to help other families’ transform their quality of life through nutrition, eco-awareness and economic opportunity.

Recipients will receive over $1500 in products and tools that will help create a foundation of knowledge to understand the superfood nutrition, business, and the overall Purium vision. This program is a 3-month term and your products will be ship to you at the beginning of each month.

Amy and Dave are firm believers in being ‘a product of the product’, so we believe the best way for recipients to understand Purium’s best-selling products is through experience. These product packs contain the prime products that can provide the best nutritional knowledge that Purium and the MMM offers.


  • Families in the US and Canada
  • Must illustrate desire to work a Purium business
  • Must show economic need
  • Willing to accept mentoring and share knowledge with others


To support families in economic need in creating an empowering home-based additional stream of income, all while experiencing the life changing benefits of organic superfood nutrition.


  • Each applicant must be sponsored by a Purium Brand Partner who has ranked Diamond or above. If the sponsor has not reached Diamond, they may partner with a co-sponsor who has.
  • Must have met with their sponsor and Upline Diamond prior to filling out the application to see if this is the right path for you.
  • Fill out the application completely
  • Upload photo

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The Million Mom Movement is committed to the empowerment of women, mothers and families to create clean, green, organic and non-GMO kitchens and pantries and to live a life of health, happiness and prosperity.

The Scholarship program is for those families who desire to transform their health and their life, but may find the cost of organic products prohibitive with their current income. Scholarships will be awarded to those who show true economic need, as well as to those who are highly motivated and who are ready to make a change in their own health, financial as well as physical, and are prepared to put in the work. 

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