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My name is Rita Jean Flemming. I am a regenerative health specialist, and I began my journey into Regenerative Health out of necessity. When I was nineteen, I was in a near-death accident which left me searching for solutions to find relief from chronic pain. For ten years, I looked for answers without success. It wasn’t until I found regenerative health that I rebuilt my body and stepped out of pain.  Since then, I have been helping others regain their quality of life. I have discovered the six principles of Regenerative Health that allowed me to transform my life.  The Six Principles of Regenerative Health are:

  • Alkalinity
  • Kidney Filtration
  • Soil Health
  • Gut microbiome health
  • Cellular ATP
  • Endocrine system health

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. The health of our cells impacts our organs, glands, and connective tissue. Our kidneys are the foundation of cellular health, and are the elimination pathways for all cellular wastes. If our kidneys aren’t properly filtering, we get lymphatic congestion, creating a state of acidosis in our body, and weakening our cells and tissues.  Acidosis creates a cationic environment, making it hard for cells to uptake nutrition, oxygen and eliminate waste. The adrenals and kidneys work together; if the adrenals are down, the kidneys won’t properly filter. Kidney filtration is the foundation of regenerative health and how I got out of chronic pain. Check to see if your kidneys are filtering here. Purium Apothecherry is amazing for kidney health and supporting healthy circadian rhythms, and Green Spectrum is fantastic for supporting alkalinity in the body. Adrenal health:  Did you know that your adrenal glands produce corticosteroids to address inflammation in the body? Our adrenal glands are essential for managing dehydration in the body and sustaining our electrolyte uptake. They are vital for sugar metabolism, brain, nervous system health and support stress management. Indications of adrenal weakness include; dark circles under the eyes, a hard time concentrating, anxiety, pain/inflammation, reproductive imbalance! Bee Energetic is my favorite adrenal support, formulated by one of my heroes, Dr. Bernard Jensen.  Our adrenal glands are part of our endocrine system. To add support to your endocrine system, I also enjoy the Super Meal and the White American Ginseng.  Your Lymphatic System: The lymphatic system is your body’s waste system. Cleaning up your lymphatic system supports cellular regeneration and allows your cells to receive proper nutrition uptake. Astringent fruits are the most excellent cleansers of the lymphatic system. Fruits are alkalizing for tissue regeneration. They have the highest electrical frequency making them the best food choice for the brain, nervous system, cellular ATP production, and endocrine system function. Symptoms of lymphatic congestion include; allergies, pain, and chronic conditions. Bio Fruit is fantastic for cleansing and energizing the body, and is packed with naturally occurring vitamin C and protective antioxidants. Soil Health and Gut Health: We’re only as healthy as our soils are. Due to conventional farming practices, our foods have become micronutrient deficient due to a harmful chemical known as Glyphosate. Glyphosate not only kills off our gut microbiome diversity but our soil health as well. A carrot grown in nutrient-dense soil has 200 times the nutritional value of a carrot grown through conventional methods. Purium superfoods are picked at peak ripeness, watered with mineral-rich spring water, and wind dehydrated for optimal nutrition. Biome Medic is my favorite for supporting gut microbiome diversity, detoxifying glyphosate, and supporting nutrient absorption. Cellular ATP: Cellular ATP, or cellular energy, is vital for cellular regeneration. My favorite superfoods to support cellular energy are Puruium’s Cant Beet This!, high water content, and fresh fruits eaten on an empty stomach. The body is made to regenerate. It’s vital to support cellular absorption and our organs of elimination daily. Our food choices, quality, and how it is grown matter to the overall health of our cells and body.

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