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Welcome to the Million Mom Movement community! We have created this social media plan to help you extend your reach and begin the Purium journey by making your voice heard.

The very first thing you should do is to make sure you have confirmed your enrollment email and downloaded your Purium App from the App store (it’s free).

Google Play

Apple Store

Okay, are you ready to become a social media rock star! Go ahead and make your first post now!

Here’s how:

  • Make a block post or selfie post “I am so excited I just won the Million Mom Movement Scholarship” and elaborate on how this scholarship will change you and your family’s life. Talk about your health and the health of your family and be bold when talking about the business you were just awarded. We are a business forward movement and sharing is the way we grow this movement.
  • Reply to any comments with gratitude and let them know you will private message them.
  • Send them a personal message and follow up with a question or gratitude for their connection and ask if you can offer more information.
  • Leave the conversation with a question to create more conversations / connections.

Script options:

Hey_______ thank you for commenting on my post, I really appreciate it, I’m super excited to be a part of something that I can align with (ie, health, detoxing, going plastic free, community, million mom movement, helping people, empowering yourself and others, helping others create an additional income… etc)… make it your own… and end with…

  • What are you currently doing nutritionally for yourself (and your family) ?
  • Are you currently keeping your options open to creating another stream of income?
  • If I gave you 25% off superfoods would you be interested in trying a few things to improve your health?

Once you have their permission to share additional information with them about what you’re offering you can sign into your Purium app and send them a link. Find a link that corresponds with a question they may have or something that supports their ultimate goals in joining you.

I strongly suggest watching the videos and reading the virtual brochures that you have access to in your Purium app through your phone or iPad so that you know what you have access to.  You can send it via text or email from the app or copy and paste it into Instagram or Facebook Messenger. 

Once they have additional questions I suggest that you get them on a wellness consult or business call to help connect them with your up line support. This is a great way to help answer any of their questions and provide value. It also helps train you on how you can later facilitate calls for your team members in the future. We earn while we learn and we empower others to do the same.

2nd POST (week 1-2)


  • Why you want to get healthier. Share any health issues you hope to recover from naturally.
  • Why you are choosing to get healthier or what you hope the outcome might be.

INVITE friends to do it with you!

HAVE FUN, maybe even create a challenge and share it with friends… or create a group transformation.

3rd POST (week 2-3)

Updates on progress, how you are feeling. As you progress forward create weekly posts, or go on Instagram or Facebook LIVE. We believe in you and know that you can DO THIS!

Using stories on FB or IG is also a fun and creative way for your friends to see your journey. Tell the story of your postpartum, fertility or prenatal journey via stories. Use current photos or even old posts (from IG) to populate your story arc. Have fun with it. In this business “facts tell and STORIES SELL! So tell great stories and your circles will be leaning in for more info.

You can also keep daily shares of your journey and tag the @millionmommovement. We might even feature you on our pages!

For more scripts and social media support please review our Getting Started Module in your back office within the iLearn tab; click on the drop down menu “Getting Started Training Guides”; Scroll down to “Prospecting and Follow Up” and “Scripts for Prospecting” for more detailed training and verbiage.

Keep Growing! Keep Sharing! We believe in you.


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Welcome to the Million Mom Movement community! We have created this social media plan to help you extend your reach and begin the Purium journey by...

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