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Juice Bar in a Bag:

  • Biofruit: High in anti-oxidants and trace minerals, bio fruit also has a full serving of daily Vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary to white blood cells (the part of the blood that attacks pathogens.)
  • Aloe Digest: Contains compounds that support gut healing and proper gut microbiome balance
  • Coco-Hydrate: Trace mineral supplement. Trace minerals are able to bind with toxins like heavy metals and turn the into salts. Salts are water-soluble, and therefore the kidneys are able to filter the toxins out of the body.
  • Green Spectrum: Full of pH balancing greens, trace vitamins and minerals, and chlorophyll, this product will help to cleanse and build the blood and contains binders like chlorella that help to move toxins out of the body.
  • Carrot Juice Plus: Carrots and the vitamin A they carry are essential to proper liver function. Furthermore, the rice bran solubles give the good fats the body needs and help to “scrub” the liver.
  • Can’t Beet This: Beets are a root vegetable that are fantastic at supporting liver and spleen function. They help to build blood.
  • **For children, all these products mixed together in clean water, or even orange juice do a very good impression of Fruit Punch. Your kids will ask for it, swill it down, and get all the superfood nutrition and detox goodness in one mighty package.

Epigenius Kids

This product is a combination of bio-available protein, fats, fruits, veggies, and Purium special detox product called Biome Medic. Taken in non-dairy milk, this product tastes like raspberry chocolate and will help to detoxify heavy metals and other toxins, restore proper gut microbiome balance, and help to heal the gut lining.

Biome Medic

Found in Epigenius Kids, this product can be bought alone and taken in capsule form or sprinkled onto food. In a six-week time period, studies show this product will detox 74% of the glyphosate (active ingredient in the herbicide Round UP), reduce inflammation as measured by c-reactive protein by 75%, and decrease gut permeability (leaky gut) by 35%. Furthermore, it helps to restore the proper balance of the gut microbiome. This product alone is a game changer.

Fulvic Zeolite

Zeolite is a natural volcanic substance that binds heavy metals and other toxins.

Ionic Elements

A trace mineral supplement that helps to push proper mineral balance into the cells and helps to remove any toxins. This product is also high in magnesium, which is helpful in balancing mood and in aiding sleep and proper elimination.

Daily Fiber Blend

A great way to stay “regular”, the daily fiber blend gives the gut all the soluble and insoluble fiber it needs to keep the digestive system moving smoothly. If you can’t get the toxins out of the body then they stay in there!


Concentrated montmorency cherries, this drink tastes good, has the highest concentration of natural melatonin, and over 5,000 ORAC points per serving. Highly anti-inflmmatory, it is full of free-radical fighting ingredients and will help you sleep like a baby.

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