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There have been so many questions about the new kid’s line of products since it first came out! It’s normal, people are curious and want to know what they are about to feed their child. Since Purium launched it, it is safe to assume that it is safe, but, we have heard questions about age requirements as well as, “How do I get my kids to drink it?” “What about the old Power Kids?” “What is in this “Organic Whole Foods Based vitamins and Mineral Proprietary Blend?” and more!  Well, this blog should answer all your questions!

Purium has unveiled four new organic supplements especially designed for children: MVP Kids (chocolate shake that is the only organic, vegan kid’s shake on the market that is also a multivitamin and protein supplement), Power Kids (raspberry flavored fruit & veggie shake), Immune Shield (tincture to be used as needed), and In Focus (tincture to be used as needed).

The two shakes can be consumed from age 6 months and up (servings based on a 4 year old, adjust the serving size accordingly) and the tinctures can be consumed at 2 years old and up (serving size adjustments based on weight listed on label). Wait, does that mean that adults can have it too and it’ll be just as effective?! Yup! Parents are pretty happy about this because that chocolate MVP Kid’s shake is delicious and a crowd-pleaser for all ages!

To help you get to know these amazing, groundbreaking products better, we have included the top questions we have received (and their answers) for you here below:



    • At what age is it okay for kids to start using each of the products?

      For the kids’ Immune Shield and In Focus, the child should be 2 years old. Please follow the instructions on the label for dosage based on weight. For the MVP Kids and Power Kids, the daily value listed on the label for vitamins and minerals from the FDA site are based on a child four years old or up. Since they are simply food and herbal blends in a drinkable form, they should be fine for children as young as 6 months old. Please just adjust the serving size accordingly.

    • At what age do they start to become less effective?

      These products will not become less effective and are great for adults, as well. As kids get older, based on their activities, their intake amount might need to be adjusted / increased. Please see In Focus and Immune Shield labels for dosage instructions based on weight.

    • Are the products suitable for a detox program for children to lose weight? Can the kids line be used for weight loss?

      A proper balanced diet full of real food can help with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.  The Purium for Kids product line contributes to a balanced diet due to its abundance of nutrients.

    • Will the old Power Kids be discontinued? If so, when?

      Yes. It was discontinued after we sold out of the remaining stock

    • What are some healthy ways to integrate the Kids’ products into your children’s diets to make them palatable and easy to use?

      All four of the products were designed to very palatable for kids even when mixed just with water. You may add them to a healthy juice, non-dairy milk or smoothie, if desired. They are very simple to use because you would simply either use the provided dropper to dispense the tinctures or the provided scoop to dispense the Power Kids and MVP Kids blends. You can simply stir the tinctures into liquid. You can use a shaker bottle to quickly shake up the powder blends with water or juice or use a blender to add them to a smoothie. David Sandoval suggests giving them the Power Kids in the morning before school – that way they can have fruit in the morning and this product is great for their oral hygiene. Then give them MVP after school for a hearty, deliciously chocolate snack!

    • Can the Kids’ products be used by adults? If so, how much of the tinctures should an adult take?

      Yes. These products are safe for children and adults. The In Focus and Immune Shield tinctures have instructions for dosage based on weight and not age. Adults may take even more than the top recommended dosage if they feel they need more.

    • Can the tinctures be added to milk?

      Immune shield is designed to improve your immune system…dairy causes more mucus and can be counterproductive. Especially if it is non-organic and full of hormones or artificial sweeteners. That being said, you can add it to any healthy beverage of your choice. David Sandoval would suggest organic goat’s milk over cow’s milk since it is easier for our bodies to digest. Otherwise, we suggest adding it to water, a healthy juice (all fruit or veggies without preservatives, sweeteners or artificial ingredients) or non-dairy milk (hemp, oat or almond) or to blend it into a smoothie.

    • Is MVP Kids caffeine-free if it has chocolate in it?

      At the suggested serving size, the amount of caffeine is extremely low. It is about 5% of what would be in an 8 oz cup of coffee.

    • Does the debut of Purium for Kids signify that the other Purium products are NOT safe for kids?

      Not at all. On our Purium for Kids brochure we list many of the other PHP products that are also recommended for kids: Vanilla Chai L.O.V., Creamy Vanilla Meal Option, Carrot Juice Plus, Apothe-Cherry, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Daily Fiber Blend, More Greens, Rice Bran Solubles, and Super Xanthin to name a few!

    • What is the “Organic Whole Foods Based Vitamin and Mineral Proprietary Blend” in the MVP Kids shake?

      Moringa and Amla berry, spinach, basil, and parsley, lichen and shiitake, hummingbird tree flower, curry, and tea leaves combined with lemon peel and achiote; this proprietary blend is packed full of exotic herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are highly nutritious for young bodies.


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