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With Autism rates continuing to sky-rocket and expected to reach 1 out of every 2 kids by 2032, strategies for families living with an autism diagnosis are of ever-increasing importance. With this blog, we offer one Mom’s story of her family’s journey towards health.

Amber Hopkin’s story:

I’m thankful for having Purium in my life, for both myself and my kids. How else could I get so much organic nutrition into my children in such a yummy way? 

When my child was little, she was extremely sick. She rarely slept, she had very few words, and she screamed for hours every day. She wasn’t progressing like other kids and her gut was one of the main issues. Because of that, she wasn’t absorbing the nutrition she needed. Supporting her gut was imperative! Thankfully, Purium has the tools for that, as well as for parasites and detox, viruses, and even full-body nutritional support. All of our kids on the spectrum are different in what their bodies need, but these are the basics for almost everyone. 

We have used so many of the products to help my daughter. We use Biome Medic and Immuno-Max because of their gut supporting ingredients. We use the Fulvic Zeolite and Cracked Cell Chlorella for detox. We also use Purium’s CBD+ to help her relax as well as the Kids In-Focus

Because she wasn’t absorbing very much nutrition from her food, we needed to add in as many supportive vitamins and minerals as we could. For increasing her nutrients, we love the More Greens, the MVP Kids- Chocolate (which has helped her calm down as well!), and all of the Juice Bar in a Bag flavors! She just loves the colors and tastes and gets to mix up her own smoothies now every morning for herself and even for her dad. 

Because so much of our environment is toxic right now, our kids are paying the price. Staying as clean as we can with food and body products is of utmost importance. I am so grateful that Purium came into my life right when I had the most intense need. It offered so many products with such fantastic ingredients to support all aspects of a healthy holistic system. My child is now a thriving, healthy and happy kid and I have Purium to thank for being such a big part of her change.

To hear more about Amber’s personal story and recommendations, watch our Fierce Friday interview with her.

In Summary, If you are a family experiencing an Autism Diagnosis consider the following:

  1. Foundational Nutrition optimizes all body functions.
  2. Mineral Deficiencies are common in Autism Diagnosis
  3. Gut health is important to examine. From probiotic imbalances to parasites and yeast overgrowth, healing the gut helps improve overall health.
  4. Detox can be an important part of helping those with an Autism Diagnosis find balance. Consider detoxing heavy metals and glyphosate as a starting point.
  5. Adrenal imbalance can play a part in behavioral imbalance.

*Written in partnership with Million Mom Movement council member, Jodi Parker.

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