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I first met Sarah Rhinelander 3 years ago when I was introduced to her by my client, Dr. Loi Medvin, who had just experienced Purium’s 10 Day Transformation and had turned me on to it and to Sarah, via a conference call. There began a beautiful relationship that I cherish to this day. I have watched Sarah’s trajectory with Purium from when she was a Black Diamond all the way to 3 Star Crown. Her journey has had an enormous impact on me and I believe many moms who work with her in their own Purium business. I was honored to interview Sarah about her rise within Purium and the recent announcement and celebration of Sarah having earned over $1,000,000 in her organization. Incredibly impressive for a mom of three! As the Million Mom Movement is a powerful stand for women’s economic empowerment and prosperity, I thought it fitting that we spotlight this formidable mamapreneur.

Congratulations on earning $1,000,000 as a Brand Partner with Purium! You completely embody everything the Million Mom Movement stands for. What are you most proud of achieving these past four years?

I am proud of the community that has come together in service to this powerful movement and mission. I am proud that I have, either directly or indirectly, supported tens of thousands of people to transform their physical vitality, financial wellness, and experience of life. Im proud of my own trajectory of personal growth and transformation, and the strength I have gained on this journey to leadership that has allowed me to continuously lean into the discomfort and limitations to source my own gifts. And I am exceptionally  proud of everyone in our community who has persevered through challenges and kept moving forward towards claiming their dreams and visions.

What sacrifices have you made to experience this success?

Throughout this process I have never given up on the vision of my deeper dreams and why I am here, and that vision has fueled me to be willing to give up what I want now, for what I want most. In the first few years of building my business I devoted a large part of my time, focus, energy and love to creating a strong foundation of brand partners, and supporting leaders in my team to flourish and rise.

I chose to condense a tremendous amount of time and focused energy into my business over the short term, so I could create a different long term vision and reality.

In all the sacrifices I made with my family to make time for and prioritize my business, I always made sure to block out certain times a week to spend focused family time with my husband and children, and to do something for myself that I love at least once a week.

What have you overcome to succeed in this business?

One of the biggest things I have had to overcome has been my fear of speaking on stage and of being a “leader.” I remember in my life, from childhood through college and even massage school, I was always the shy one in the back who would never raise my hand to answer questions. If I was called on to share I would feel mortified, embarrassed, and like I wanted to melt into the floor! This process has deeply supported me to develop my confidence in myself and my message, to strengthen my voice, to speak my truth, and to stand on stage and find the joy in sharing with a thousand people!

Will you please share your thoughts about Glyphosate with us?

I have been an organic consumer and activist for over 20 years, and have always made it a huge priority to eat clean food free of pesticides. Since living here on kauai I have strengthened my commitment to eradicating GMOs from the planet and from our bodies. Kaua’i and the rest of the Hawaiian islands are ground zero for the chemical companies who have created glyphosate and even more damaging, concentrated, toxic “agricultural” chemicals. We on the island have marched, petitioned, and worked diligently to change the policy around the spraying of these chemicals on the island – in addition to the damage they do to the bodies of the people who consume them, they are killing the reefs and the ocean life, being blown into schools with the wind and causing kids to go home with headaches and nose bleeds, and causing high levels of birth defects and cancer on the west side of the island. I love that the consciousness around glyphosate and GMOs is rising and more people are hearing about it and that all of the lawsuits coming up against Monsanto are winning. I am thrilled that while we are in the battle to fully ban these chemicals from the earth we have created a solution to protect and heal our bodies from the damage being caused, and to protect our children as well.

What words of advice would you offer a mom who has recently become a Purium Brand Partner?

You can do this with your children by your side! I always looked at my children as my reason not my excuse, and I had to create strong boundaries around my business so I could do the work I needed to achieve what I knew was possible. Talk to your kids, get their buy in, and get support wherever you can to make it easier for you. Create a common goal with them, so they can be rooting for you to reach your goals rather than be working in opposition. Know that you are modeling to them skills they will need later in life to claim their own dreams. And stay compassionate with yourself, there may be times when it feels overwhelming and out of balance. Keep your focus on the future you are creating and lean into the uncomfortable. Know you are an amazing mother doing extraordinary things for your children, and for the planet.

Any closing thoughts about motherhood, network marketing and being a million dollar earner with Purium?

I am so grateful to this beautiful company and all who have supported me in this journey. This has been the answer to so many intertwined and interwoven prayers. I love being in a position now to show others what is possible, to be an inspiration to other mamas, and to be on a mission to seek out the prayers of others who are looking for transformation and to connect them with a solution. We are in a critical time where things need to change in a big way, and what we have in our hands here is a powerful tool that can affect massive change for millions of people. I am committed to moving through my own self imposed limitations and continuing to share my experience, and to supporting our community to do the same!

Stephanie Dawn is a speaker and educator on radiant living for women. She is a Sacred Business Coach and Chair of the Million Mom Movement Council and a Green Diamond with Purium. She is raising her two teenage boys in Los Angeles.

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