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We have made a big change to our Business Scholarship! 

Taking into consideration what we have learned from the last 18 months, the Million Mom Movement Council is implementing updates to our scholarship offering. Our goal is to ensure each recipient will have a successful start with their Purium Business and Superfood journey. We’ve created new tools and support for each recipient to enable a stronger community built on success.

Under the leadership of Purium co-owner Amy Venner we’ve adjusted our business scholarship to a 3 month time period. Each recipient will receive $199 Business Launch Pack with a bonus of $1250 of Purium superfoods over a 3 month period. This is such an amazing opportunity for us to help more people change their lives through healthy living and providing the path they need to financial freedom.

Each scholarship applicant will need the support of a mentor and Diamond upline. Part of the scholarship application process will now be a 3-way call with the applicant and their sponsor and Diamond mentor before they submit their application. We support and believe that all of our recipients should start their Purium journey with business success in mind!

Please note that current brand partners are not eligible for the scholarship.

Do you know someone that would benefit from receiving a Million Mom Movement Business Scholarship?

Have them apply today!

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