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A core tenet of the Million Mom Movement is inspiring action that makes a real impact.

Since January 2020, we’ve put our focus on a letter-writing campaign to General Mills, the manufacturer and distributor of Cheerios, the popular cereal that also happens to contain the highest parts per billion of glyphosate than any other product on the market. Glyphosate is the key ingredient in the Round Up pesticide by Monsanto that is associated with health and environmental damage. 

We are proud and grateful to all of you who utilized our template and sent off a personal letter to the CEO. Now, we are upping our action by putting our voices together in one online petition.

Together our voices can reach new heights – make a greater difference.

Together we can urge corporations to act with a higher level of conscience and consciousness.

Together we can make the impossible possible!

Sign here and share today. Let your voice be heard as an agent of transformation.

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