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Supporting Detoxification

What do we mean by detoxification? It is the removal of substances that are toxic to the body by supporting the bodies inherent ability to clean itself out. The ability to detoxify is heavily influenced by genes and by diet.

The body is a bio-chemical system, meaning that in order for it to work correctly it must have all the building blocks it needs to create balanced bio-chemical reactions, from proper nerve conduction and brain chemistry, to proper liver and kidney function. The liver, kidneys, and skin are the three main organs of the body that filter toxins out (accordingly, rashes are a sign of toxicity in the body). In addition, proper gut function and immune function are also key to the body working effectively to stay in chemical balance—a term we call homeostasis. In the most simplistic terms, bio-chemical homeostasis in the body equals health.

Here are the key things you need to support the body’s ability to detoxify itself:

Deep nutrition. The body relies on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and good fats to push the chemical reactions needed for proper cellular energy, nerve conduction, replication of cells, immune functions, etc, etc. You get the idea. SUPERFOODS are foods that are high in nutrient content and are therefore an excellent way to get deep nutrition. Children have very small stomachs but very high nutritional needs because their brains and bodies are growing so fast, so SUPERFOOD NUTRITION is particularly key for the growing child.

Fresh water. The body is roughly 70% water. Clean, filtered water is absolutely key to the kidneys especially to filter out and balance the body. If the water you are drinking is pure then the body doesn’t have to clean the water in order to use it!

Balance of the gut microbiome. Estimates say that roughly 70% of your immune function comes directly from the gut and the probiotics found within. The chemicals responsible for mood and brain function are also made in the gut. When the balance of good flora gets overtaken by the bad, the flourishing of bacteria and the breakdown of the intestinal lining has profound implications for overall body health.

Binders. Things like fiber, trace minerals, and superfood greens have the ability to bind toxins in the body and help to remove them.

Proper Sleep: The body repairs itself while you sleep. Lack of sleep greatly inhibits the body’s ability to find homeostasis.

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