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Congratulations! You have now completed the Million Mom Movement six month Scholarship!  You have nourished yourself and your family with these superfoods for the past six months, you have shared with your community, you have a health and wealth story and hopefully you have hit the first rank of Consultant and perhaps even further. Now it’s time for you to fly solo with your Purium business. But wait! Are you ever alone in your Purium business? No. Never. 

For starters, Dave and Amy are here for you and have created the most incredible systems within which for you to grow your business, on Facebook, in iLearn in your back office and beyond. You have your sponsor, your upline Diamond and Crown and the larger team that you are a part of. You also have the The Million Mom Movement Official group on Facebook and our Instagram profile, which will support you in creating community and offering prospects ways to get involved.

Here’s a list of my go to tools that I utilize every day with my team that I hope you will find value in as well:

  • The Purium App: Use this to share presentations, videos and pdfs for the health and wealth of your prospects
  • iLearn: A virtual compendium of resources in module format to support your team with a Fast Start, learn about our products, learn about Glyphosate, the Million Mom Movement, business trainings and so much more. Get to know the app and iLearn intimately and they will serve you well.
  • Tuesday night with Leslie Zann: Leslie is a massive boon to our company. Her 6pm pst trainings are fire every Tuesday night and I recommend you tune in if you want to not only make money with Purium but do so in a way that is elegant and sustainable. 
  • Biz Opp Zooms with Dave and Amy: These zooms happen every week, Monday at 3pm pst, Wednesday at 11am pst, and Friday at 6pm pst. Here’s what I say to my team: “If you get your prospects in front of Dave and Amy, the work is done for you!” These zooms are so inspiring, Dave and Amy interview colored Diamonds and Crowns three times a week. Be sure to be on these Zooms with your prospects!
  • Fierce Fridays: Invite your customers and your Brand Partners and prospects to join the Million Mom Movement Council and the Purium field every Friday at 11am pst, as we circle up to speak truth to powerful corporations that are selling us toxic food, learn about glyphosate, share hot topics from the Council working out in the field, educate about our MMM scholarships, as well as hear from you about what’s on your heart in regards to our mission. 

Here’s to helping us become a million strong! We couldn’t do this without you and we are so grateful you are here with us moving the mission forward. Here’s to your success and creating prosperity and wellness for you, your family and your community.

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Congratulations! You have now completed the Million Mom Movement six month Scholarship!  You have nourished yourself and your family with these...

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