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Amy Venner

Million Mom Movement Founder

Welcome to the Million Mom Movement.  I am so happy you are here.  This movement is not just for moms, it is for dads, all family members, caregivers and change makers alike, so yes, everyone including men and non-parents are part of the movement.

We are a community elevating and empowering ourselves, our children and those around us.  

Our two foundational pillars are

  • up-leveling the consciousness of food choices and how those choices relate to well-being
  • supporting economic empowerment and prosperity

Many moms and families are searching for a way to stay home with their children.  The Million Mom Movement, in conjunction with Purium, is a solution; allowing work on your own terms, transforming families’ choices about food, health as well as finances.

Thank you for being a part of this community and sharing it with others!

Hoping to connect again soon,

Dave Sandoval

Visionary and Co-Founder of Purium

Despite clean and organic living awareness and activism, the chemical glyphosate is pervasive and showing up in the majority of our food supply.

I wrote The Toxin That Came to Dinner to breakdown the problem as well as offer a solution.  I formulated a product, Biome Medic, exclusive to Purium, that removes this dangerous toxin from our bodies. In a small scale human trial, it removed 74% of glyphosate from the body in only 6 weeks.

I am very proud to be leading the Million Mom Movement alongside Amy Venner.  Together we are committed to educating and sharing solutions to the world.

Not only around transforming your health but also transforming your financial health and ability to spend quality time with those that matter most in your life.

Our Council

Stephanie Dawn

Stephanie Dawn


Stephanie is a mother of two teenage boys, a Sacred Business Coach and a longtime environmental, birth and health freedom activist. Stephanie is passionate about educating her community, online and locally around radiant living and organic farming, and supporting the transformation of our food systems here in the US and globally.

Jodi Parker

Jodi Parker

Council Member

Jodi Parker is a homeschooling Mom. After her oldest child nearly went into liver failure as an infant, Jodi became an advocate for mothers everywhere to find holistic solutions that treat causes rather than symptoms. With degrees in psychology with an emphasis in child development and neurology, she’s also a Natural Health Consultant. 

Nayeva Florie

Nayeva Florie

Council Member

Nayeva Florie is a mother to 6 amazing children, 4 step children and 2 of her own. She is a mom on a mission to help educate about the importance of choosing organic non gmo foods. She was raised in the Hawaiian islands and enjoys hiking, creating community events and playing with the kids at the beach.

Tas Ferreira

Tas Ferreira

Council Member

Tas Ferreira is a mother of two. She has overcome many health obstacle and has faced medical issues with her son. Working in the medical field specializing in cellular biology and genetics, she has found a strong passion with plant nutrition. Now she shares her mission with every parent, empowering all mothers to be their own health advocate.

Carmela Velarde

Carmela Velarde

Council Member

Blue Diamond with Purium, for 18 Years served as a holistic health counselor, LMT, reiki master, prenatal kundalini yoga teacher with a background in psychology & women’s studies. She lives in PA with her 2 children and husband. She works with special needs communities and educating about economic empowerment and activism.

Our Mission

Moms traditionally sacrifice their own health for the health of their children and family. Every day we wake to serve, within and out of the home, and often our own health needs become secondary to the needs of the family. Moms connect with each other often. When we find something good, we share it! We have massive influence on each other and support our friends and relatives to make the best decisions for our children and those within our community. We can use this influence for the good of our family, our community, our world. 

We Believe

Moms are the heart of the family. Moms make the majority of decisions in families when it comes to food buying. The economic decisions and choices we make inform how we serve our family, their daily nutrition, as well as how business unfolds in grocery stores across the US and around the world. How we spend our food dollars determines how farming practices are either moving towards sustainability, soil regeneration, biodynamic, organic and permaculture farming practices or it’s opposite, supporting conventional farming, which utilizes chemical pesticides and farming practices that are poisoning our air, soil, water, the farmworkers and yes, our food. Further, we believe that many moms are underemployed and under compensated. They need true opportunities for economic freedom and empowerment.

Our Values

Who We Are

The Million Mom Movement offers moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and those concerned for our children and the next seven generations, an opportunity to work within a movement that is aligned with our deeply held values.


The ability of many to purchase produce, products and services that are offered without poisonous chemicals and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).


Environmental and sustainable business practices that are exemplified in the products and services that we not only recommend, but regularly use in our homes and places of business.


Organic farmers and farming practices, including permaculture and soil regeneration, as well as home gardening in the backyard or on the patio.


The economic viability of the network marketing business model to create a home based business that offers time freedom, location freedom and residual income.


The recognition and respect that we are each on a journey of awareness towards healthy and green living, moving at our own pace.


Being our own boss! This model allows for personal and financial empowerment whether you are supplementing income or doing this full time. We are the CEOs of our own life, supporting our teams to serve, educate, inspire and share. 

What Moms are Saying

"It is such an honor to be a part of something so great! Save the planet!"

"Absolutely the best quality and easiest way to ensure you are fueling your family with health for life! #millionmommovement"

"The best way to teach is by example in home and family , we are what we eat!!. Here is a great place for Mothers that wants to create a better society from home...very happy to be part of this Great Movement and spread the word especially to my Spanish Community."

"Teaching us the truth about the toxins in common foods we eat. Getting families truly healthy. Thank you!"

Join The Movement

Lock arms with a like minded community transforming access to pure food and higher living.

Receive support and inspiration from others who are succeeding on a similar journey.

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