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When you become a Purium Brand Partner, I think the majority of us find it easy to lead with the products and the concept of promoting organic living and health. Whether it began with us having a good experience with the products, or our families and loved ones, we are excited to share the incredible benefits we experienced by transforming our health and diet with others in our community. Working a Purium distributorship can bring in a steady stream of income to anyone that wants it. That’s an amazing aspect of what we have here. And, there’s another, more prosperous way to work a brand partnership and that is by recruiting with a focus on wealth and the business opportunity.

A Balanced Message is the Way Forward

Leading your business with a balanced message of health and wealth is crucial in order for your Purium organization to grow; however, doing this can pose a problem for those of us who found our “lane” in promoting the products. “How can I talk about the business?”, “I havent ranked up yet!”, “I don’t know the first thing about the network marketing business!” These may be a few of the thoughts you are thinking as you read this; creating self doubt puts limitations on your growth, and confidence is key to push beyond those boundaries. I have to admit, confidence in leading with the business came easy for me because I was a business coach for women entrepreneurs before I joined Purium. To me, the excellence of the products was inherent in the business opportunity, and why wouldn’t anyone like to earn a second stream of income with Purium? It just made sense to me. Doesn’t everyone want to promote organic living?

Turns out we all have different motivational impulses and promoting the business can really stretch us, but in a good way! Today, I coach my team to lead with the business as often as they lead with health. This is also why we, at the Million Mom Movement, shifted our objective three years ago to make the MMM more business forward, and why our Fierce Fridays are equally focused on health and wealth throughout the month.

As a spiritual counselor and business coach, my skills have supported my downline as they showed me the blocks to promoting the business opportunity. Discovering your ‘why’ is crucial to setting your goals for your business; determining your motivation for why you want to leverage this opportunity is how you create motivation for yourself as well as creating your story. Setting this intention could be anything: it could be for attaining financial freedom, wanting to be a leader in spreading the message of health, or as simple as wanting to create true happiness.

How do you discover your why? We like to say at Purium that when you define your ‘why’, it’s the “why that makes you cry”, because anything that harnesses that much emotion behind it is going to fuel you and push past those intrusive  thoughts of self doubt that place limitations on your success. In life, we all feel overwhelmed, and it’s our ‘why’ that allows us to look at the bigger picture, and see the light in our journey; our ‘why’ is what we strive for everyday to give meaning to our mission, our actions, and our intentions.  . We like to say that working this business is, “personal development with a compensation plan”, or as I like to say: it’s like a “sacred mirror”. As Purium Brand Partners, we get paid to discover our true selves and transform into the people we are meant to be while developing into leaders.

Leading with the business and finding your why are crucial in leveraging the business opportunity; here are some tips on how you can get started: 

  1. Address your concerns head on with your upline and Diamond leader
  2. Dive deep into your thoughts around prosperity and money! There are so many great books out there about this. My favorite is “The Prosperity Bible, The Greatest Writings of All Time on the Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity, Napoleon Hill, Benjamin Franklin, James Allen, Wallace D. Wattles, Ernest Holmes, Florence Scovel Shinn and many others.
  3. Come to our MMM Fierce Friday calls where we have a business focused open forum, called, Ask the Council: Business and receive hot seat coaching from the MMM Council. 

We at the Million Mom Movement believe in you and are here to support you in establishing all of your financial dreams for your family. Leading with the business does not alter your morals by focusing on financial transformation; it’s simply a reality you can create by relieving a major stressor, enabling freedom to live your dreams. Never doubt it, your dreams matter and you matter!

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