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Heather Shares Her Story

Heather started taking Purium products prior to applying for the scholarship, however, she felt she was unable to afford them. She learned of the Million Mom Movement Scholarship and immediately applied and to her joy she was awarded.

She is definitely a product of the product. She has been able to overcome food challenges and sugar addictions and is very excited to get this level of nutrition into her body. The products were speaking for themselves, however, she was questioning her ability to be successful on the business side of things.

Here were her key questions:

  1. What support can your Purium team provide to overcome the mindset that others you know may not have the finances to start their own business or even buy the products?
  2. If you are not an “Influencer” who can you reach out to when sharing the products and the business?

This opened a flood of answers from our Diamonds and Upline Brand Partners. Watch this short clip to learn how Heather’s important questions were answered.

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