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Everyone that grew up eating the Standard American (or Canadian) Diet knows that making the life decision to opt for organic foods and superfoods, with a mostly fruit and vegetable diet can seem daunting if not impossible to obtain. Not only do some struggle with the basic knowledge it takes to make the swap but there are some regions in the United States that still do not even offer fresh organic options. 

Here at the Million Mom Movement, we know that these challenges are a real obstacle to feeding your family healthier options. That is why we put together these simple changes to help anyone get started on their path to a healthier diet for the entire family.

Our council member, Tas Ferriera put together some great tips to help make the choice between SAD (Standard American Diet) pantry staples to RAD (Real American Diet) pantry items that will fulfill all your dietary needs and curb those cravings!

Dessert Options

For those out there with a sweet tooth, there are healthier options to help curb those cravings. They are so healthy you do not have to feel guilty about having seconds!

Healthier Flour Options

Bread, gravies, and pastries are a huge part of the American diet. Even a simple search of what bleaching agents are used in refined flour will lead to a list of chemicals that you know cannot be good for you or your children. All that we know about conventional or refined flour will definitely make people second-guess not to give up this staple item.  

Dairy Options

Ditching cow dairy entirely is becoming much more common place as more data comes to light that health issues and even diseases are caused by the use of dairy in diets. See below for some healthier options for non-dairy mylk, butter, and yogurt.

Seafood Options

If you are looking to omit seafood from your diet and become completely vegan there are some healthy alternatives and creative ways to give your body the nutrition it needs while giving you delicious and healthy options. 

Spices and Herbs Add Flavor

Much of the time people argue that vegan options are flavorless and bland. Healthy options do not have to lack flavor. There are so many spices and herbs that you can use to help liven up the flavor in all of your meals. Do not be afraid to try new things.

BBQing Options

With summer about to arrive, we all know that grilling our food is fun and easy as well as delicious. Just make healthier options that your entire family can enjoy. There are so many ways to satisfy those BBQ flavors.

Overall, the message we want to impart is that you have many options as you evolve your kitchen and your diet from SAD to RAD. You only know what you know and with more knowledge comes the ability to create that lifestyle that is most beneficial for you and your family. Tas put together a great starter kit here that can help you swap out items that are normally used in most kitchens for healthier alternatives. 

Try it out! Please share with us on social media what works and what doesn’t. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @MillionMomMovement. We would love to hear from you.

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