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When you first become a Purium Brand Partner, the idea of having your own business can be a little daunting and possibly overwhelming, but exciting nevertheless. If you have spent years working for someone else, honing in on your entrepreneur skills is a major aspect when transitioning from being an employee to an independent contractor. Now is the time to be your own boss and lead your own business based on your own accord, timeline, and goals. The exciting thing about having a Purium business is that you work for yourself but also have the support of your upline, team, and many others in the community; you are officially where the rubber meets the road! As a dear mentor of mine shared, “working a Purium business is an easy business to do and it’s an easy business not to do”.

Running a Purium business is easy when you have the drive and patience to commit, yet it can also become just as easy to lay back and ‘wish’ for it to be a success. As an employee, you get paid based on the act of showing up, going through the motions, and clocking out at the end of your shift; it’s robotic, yet a dependent source of income, sometimes at the expense of self purpose. As an entrepreneur, your success at making an income directly relies on your drive and actions. Being self employed means being goal oriented and a need to fulfill your ‘why’; you have a set intention and you put effort and action into achieving this. While your success is dependent on your ambition, you are not alone in your journey; Purium is a community, (actually it’s a family!) and you have the constant support of your upline, or mentor, your team, and others within the community to offer their support to you. 

Committing to and leveraging Income Producing Activities (IPA) is the path to financial success with Purium. What is an IPA? It is an active exercise that has a direct correlation to a potential sale; these activities must be actionable and consistent in order to create productivity and drive for your business. Staying organized in your calendar is the most efficient way to be consistent with your plans in executing your IPAs; think of it as each IPA has its own deadline and you want to complete each one efficiently to succeed in your workplace. Without putting in the work, the results are limited, and maintaining consistency is essential to succeed. 

Some examples of IPAs include:

  • Prospecting is the act of starting a conversation with someone through a variety of ways (or even just a singular channel) to reach out and communicate your message with them. This can be done in person, over the phone, over social messaging platforms, or even in the comments section of a friend’s post! 
  • Presenting or sharing is when you provide information about Purium through adding, tagging, and messaging (ATM) prospects that may resonate with the information on that post. You can also extend an invitation to a Corporate call or team focused call for them to learn even more information on health or wealth. This is where you are showing and educating your prospects about what the product is and how you think it pertains to their health or wealth.
  • Closing, also known as “following up”, is when you reach out to those you shared a presentation with and you check in to hear their thoughts on it. You can do this by a simple message or set up a phone call. If you’re still unsure what to say to a new prospect, invite your upline on the call too so you can observe and learn the fine art of closing. 

Now that you know what IPAs are, it’s important to understand that you must calendar time to actually do them. While you may be straying away from the 9-5, you still need to commit to creating business hours and actually scheduling time blocks in your calendar for entrepreneurial success. The beauty of being an entrepreneur is you can work ANYWHERE; whether you sit down at your kitchen table or at a cafe, your ability to create business hours to prospect, present and follow up/close is directly connected to your ability to sell products (or the business opportunity to create a team) and make money with Purium. 

In my team we recommend Brand Partners work 5 days a week for at least 90 minutes a day; this will keep your business flowing with all the conversations you are having. Can’t accommodate 5 days a week to do your IPAs? Then do what you can when you can. Make it work for you and your schedule; that’s the whole point of being an entrepreneur– being flexible in your schedule. The name of the game is staying in action and being consistent. You are the head chef and the bottle washer! If your business doesn’t’ move forward it’s on you;this is the biggest difference between being an employee and being an entrepreneur. It’s a whole lot of freedom and it’s a whole lot of responsibility. If time freedom and financial freedom is your goal, it’s all worth it! Remember, we are servant leaders and we are here to show up in service and to answer the health and wealth prayers of those in our circles. When you come from this place of service, you can’t go wrong!


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