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Follow this protocol when using the Purium Family Nutrition Pack. This is an ideal amount of product for a family of 4 for 15 days.

Green Spectrum 

Begin the day with a shot of Green Spectrum on an empty stomach. This alkalizes the body, supports immune function, and gives key vitamins, minerals,  and anti-oxidants to give you energy for the day. 1 serving per person. 

MVP Kids Protein 

Use the MVP Kids Protein as a healthy vegan protein for breakfast. Drink alone,  add to cold/hot cereal, smoothie, pancakes, etc. Assists in keeping blood sugar stable and focused attention for the day. This can also be used as an afternoon snack. 

1 serving per person 

Can’t Beet This OR BioFruit 

Can’t Beet This is an excellent replacement for coffee. Promotes energy,  oxygenation and supports the cardiovascular system.  

BioFruit added to juice/smoothies, etc increases Vitamin C intake and adds anti-oxidants that support the body’s healthy response to inflammation. 1 Serving per day 

**NOTE: 30 servings total so these products will either be for Mom and Dad or the children.  

Apothe-cherry, Ionic Elements, and Aloe Digest 

In the evening, 1 to 2 hours before bed mix the ApotheCherry Concentrate with the Aloe Digest and the Ionic Elements. This combination supports the gut and microbiome by giving nutrients and anti-oxidants that detox and support healthy inflammatory response, adds key minerals (especially magnesium) that support relaxation and elimination, and is high in natural melatonin to support restful and deep sleep. 1 (1 Tbsp) servings per person. For children cut the serving size in half. 

Immune Shield 

Immune Shield can be used daily to support immune function or at the first signs of illness. Follow directions on the bottle for serving size based on weight.

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Follow this protocol when using the Purium Family Nutrition Pack. This is an ideal amount of product for a family of 4 for 15 days. Green Spectrum ...

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