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What does conscious parenting mean? 

Conscious parenting means that you have a clear understanding that children are independent beings who can teach parents to become more self-aware.

What everyone should be conscious of is that kids want to be listened to, understood, and supported.

And when you have a strong connection with your kids you are more likely to listen and understand what they are trying to express throughout the day. 

Look for opportunities to connect with each child in your life daily — playing, reading, running around the yard, or taking the time to listen, observe, and be quiet together.

Here are some basic strategies to help stay connected with your children:

  • Speak to your children in a respectful way
  • Manage and be very clear of your expectations
  • Work on your own self-issues and self-awareness
  • Consider creating a daily routine
  • Keep your children’s age in mind
  • Treat your children as individuals
  • Show empathy and compassion
  • Lead by example

These are life skills that can fit into any life stage of your child. We are responsible for leading by example and being a guiding light for our family.

We as caregivers are creating on a daily basis the ultimate ferocious movement of many!

Watch our Fierce Friday with council members and hosts, Tas Ferriera and Carmela Velarde, to see what other concepts and ideas they shared to practice “Conscious Partenerships”.

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