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Congratulations on receiving the Million Mom Movement Scholarship! You won out over dozens who applied and you were awarded because we saw something in you that we believe will help to lift this movement to a MILLION!

You are a well connected Mom (or Dad!), your values align with those of the MMM and Purium, and you are willing to speak up often in person and online to share about what we are and how we can help others with their health and wealth. 

So you’ve been awarded a Purium business and 6 months worth of superfoods! Now what? You will have approximately one week from the time that you learn of your award, until you place your first order. This list will make that week flow like clockwork:

  • Set up a time to connect with your upline sponsor and Diamond as soon as possible for at least an hour. Your upline will become invaluable to you as you build your Purium business and getting off to an immediate start with them is vital. 
  • Fill out the Health Assessment form for your family so you can communicate your health needs to your upline when you meet.
  • Fill out the Business Assessment form so that you and your upline have crystal clarity around your willingness and ability to begin working your Purium business right away.
  • Ask your Upline to add you to the MMM Scholarship Awardees group, as well as the MMM Scholarship awardees Messenger thread on Facebook. This will help you stay connected to the MMM Council and your fellow awardees.
  • Create a “Gratitude Post” for the social networks about what you won and why you are so excited about it. Be sure to tag the @millionmommovement on Instagram and @MillionMomMovement on Facebook. See our post on how to use Social Media to boost your business.
  • Start making your list. The money you will make with your Purium business is in that list! Who do you know? Write everyone down in what’s called a Network Notebook (this can be a pretty journal or whatever is sturdy and works for you). This notebook will serve you for years to come. Ideally, your Network Notebook will eventually have hundreds of names in it. How high do you want to fly with your Purium business? Anything is possible! Start with 20 names of people you would like to share the business with and 10 who may be interested in the products.
  • On the first of the month, place your order with Rachel Quail, our Million Mom Movement Operations Manager. She will be the one to receive your order each month via email and she, in addition to your Upline, will be the interface to ensure that you are taking action to share this mission, are working the business, meeting with Upline regularly, attending Fierce Fridays, M3 Biz Power Hour on the third Wednesday of the month and any Corporate Biz Opportunity Calls or team Masterminds you can attend.
  • Get into iLearn! It’s in your back office and is a treasure trove of information. Be sure to check out the Getting Started Module, the Keeping up with Purium module and the Million Mom Movement module for past Fierce Friday recordings. 
  • Finally, determine when your team masterminds are and do your best to get onto those Zooms live. This community is golden and the only way you will learn is if you show up, pen and notebook, prepared to learn and get to work.

The Million Mom Movement Council of Tas Ferreira, Carmela Velarde, Rebecca Johns, Jodi Parker, Nayeva Florie and I are here for you. Reach out to us if you need any help. Welcome to our community of wellness warriors! We can’t do this without you!


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Congratulations on receiving the Million Mom Movement Scholarship! You won out over dozens who applied and you were awarded because we saw something...

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