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Autoimmune diseases have never been discussed more than within the past few years. To those that live with, or know someone who is living with one or more autoimmune diseases, we hope the information shared here will help bring you on a better and healthier path.

There are 3 primary factors that affect autoimmune disease:

  • Genetic predispositions
  • Gut permeability
  • Environmental toxins

Autoimmune disease is simply defined as the body attacking its own immunity as if it is fighting itself. The body can no longer distinguish between what’s healthy and what’s not, or what is normal and what is an invader.

The top 10 most common autoimmune diseases are:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis
  • Graves Disease
  • Celiac Disease
  • Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1)
  • Vitiligo
  • Psoriasis
  • Crohn’s (IBD)
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
  • Multiple Sclerosis

These diseases affect joints, muscles, the digestive tract, the endocrine system, skin, and the nervous system.

If you live with compromised immunity, you are likely to suffer from issues with one or more of the areas described above; in fact, most people live with more than one autoimmune disease. That said, we can manage and support autoimmune symptoms by doing the right things to support our body’s health and the first step is in becoming the ultimate label reader.

With respect to autoimmune disease support, I recommend to: 

  • Remove gluten from your daily nutrition, as it is filled with glyphosate toxicity and environmental toxicity, and because it releases a protein that causes more inflammation in our microbiome
  • Remove cow dairy from daily nutrition, as it is full of hormones and Inflammatory properties
  • Limit the intake of grains, as it can also have traces of glyphosate due to cross contamination


When looking at the thyroid and other areas of our bodies, look at them as victims.  The real criminal is inflammation.  


When does this happen?  It often starts years prior.  We don’t have a predisposition to autoimmune diseases; we actually build up a predisposition to low vitamin D which causes our autoimmune disease because we don’t have enough immunity to fight off the pathogens.


We have a choice everyday.

Everyday we are exposed to so many toxins. Everyday we make choices on what goes into our mouth. 

Everyday we make choices on what we put on our skin. Everything goes directly into the digestive system; into the gut lining. If you cannot eat what you put on your skin, do not put it on your skin. We must become more aware of what we purchase and bring into our home, because these now become environmental toxins


So how do we put ourselves in an environment where we thrive:

Increase vitamin D – which must be paired with vitamin A, C, Zinc and Magnesium.  These important elements are found in balance in Purium’s ZinC ADE  Our bodies also need trace minerals; which are found in Purium’s Ionic Elements. As a note, too much vitamin D can act as an immunosuppressant.  The body must stay in balance in homeostasis and the above elements must be sourced from food rather than synthetics. 


Genetic Predisposition? Autoimmunity, Allergies and the Cascading Effects

When diagnosed with autoimmune disease, most people become allergic to many things which are normalized and left untreated. A second autoimmune disease normally is diagnosed about 5 years after the first one; this is the cascading effect. The first diagnosis needs to be addressed before the second one is detected. The simplest solution is seeking medical solutions, but there is more we can do to support our bodies during this time.

Gut Permeability

Defined as the process of the gut filtering out what is allowed to go in and what is not. What I love about Biome Medic – our gut support  product – is that it repairs up to 30% of our gut permeability. With autoimmune disease, we are overloading our body with toxins so that it doesn’t recognize what’s good or bad anymore.

Picture this:  “Your gut lining is looking up and you’ve put a cream on your body full of artificial ingredients [coloring, dyes, chemicals].  It’s being absorbed by the skin and goes down into your microbiome; your microbiome sees these artificial ingredients and thinks it’s a meal.  The microbiome within an autoimmune condition does not recognize good or bad anymore, and can confuse skin cream as food.  

However, it’s not the microbiome’s fault. The body is a brilliant machine, but when it’s full of heavy toxins accumulated over years, it doesn’t know what to recognize anymore. Instead of working on ‘thrive mode’, it’s working on ‘fight or flight mode’. It is sadly absorbing all the toxins. What needs to be done is to return the body and microbiome to an optimal state. 

How does one do this?

  • Cut all artificial sugars
  • Cut artificial ingredients
  • Eliminate Glyphosate 
  • Cut grains
  • Add Biome Medic into your lifestyle

You can be eating healthy, enjoying lots of fruits and vegetables, but if the micronutrients are not being properly absorbed, your body is still lacking what it needs.  Once we start repairing the microbiome through nutrition, there is an upwards effect to optimal health.

Epigenetics allows us to change the way our genes express themselves by making better lifestyle choices:

  • Eat organic foods
  • Incorporate Biome Medic every day
  • Reduce stress
    • Have positive thoughts
    • 95% of serotonin levels are found in microbiome
    • Center yourself
      • Yoga
      • Meditation
      • Breathing exercise 
  • Quality sleep
    • REM cycle
    • Body repair, DNA repair

Our body’s systems are interconnected so there is an important interconnectedness between nutrition and our immunity.

For more information on how nutrition can greatly help manage autoimmune diseases, please reach out to us @millionmommovement on Instagram or Facebook.


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