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I unenrolled my son, Kainoa, from school a couple weeks ago and have way less stress, more time to work my Purium business and more time to let him be a kid and learn from our everyday experiences. We live on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii so our world is full of nature’s wonders.

One of the perks of being my own boss is being able to make the most of my days by inviting fellow moms and business partners to the beach for a business play date so the kids can play and we can support each other in business, set goals or take turns with the kids so we can fit a few calls in while still being present with our kids!

I recently had a beach business meeting where a friend and I both attended the same zoom together while watching the kids play, and when the kids were ready for a snack we made them a quick and nutritious green drink and as soon as another fellow mom saw our kids gulp it down with enthusiasm, she walked over and wanted to know more. So, naturally we shared it with her and her children too and to her surprise her kids really liked it.

So just like that we inspired another mom to join our Million Mom Movement!

Another week we went to the beach and he caught tadpoles with some other kids by the river and we got to see all stages of a frogs’ metamorphosis. From the adult frogs to the tadpoles and soon to hatch frog eggs. To kids this is one of the coolest things to experience.

For math we count while playing hide-and-go-seek, or we sneak it in while counting how many blueberries we are putting on his granola. There are so many ways to incorporate math in everyday activities.

Playing “eye spy” or having him tell me the color of things is another great way to keep him on track. However, Kainoa is a great artist so he’s had his colors down for a while now.

We sit down and homeschool for just a small portion of the day. We incorporate writing, reading and math while using paper school books to practice his hand writing during our designated “school” time. Learning these core skills has been easier then sitting all day on zooms.

Homeschooling has been a traditional practice here on the Hawaiian Islands for generations. With the traditional in-class schooling getting turned upside down I am finding the magic in letting my kids learn from the life around them… what are you doing for schooling right now? For Kainoa and I we are enjoying our time “unschooling” all while I work my Purium business with friends by my side. 

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