Setting Examples For Kids

by Kelsey Ensminger 2 years ago

Parents: You are the biggest influencers in your child’s life. You are who they look up to the most, who cooks them meals, reads to them, and spends the most time with them. The next biggest influencer would be a teacher, coach, and/or babysitter. We bring this up because children are great imitators. Having the best role model in their life is what will shape them into the person they are and will become. This means choosing very wisely the things you do around your kids, the things you say, and the things you eat. Kids will pick up on all of it.

  1. Tips on being a good example for healthy kids

    1. Exercising regularly is great for your health and to show your kids that being active is important! Take your kids to the park and play with them or if you have a specific workout routine that you do at home, encourage them to join you!

    2. Eating healthy. When your kid sees you enjoying some steamed vegetables they are more likely to give them a try because mommy and/or daddy loves it!

    3. Grocery shopping and cooking with kids.

      Kids love having some form of control. If you let them pick some fruits and/or veggies at the grocery store and encourage them to help you cook dinner then they will feel included and more likely to try the foods they made!
    1. While you are doing all of these things, explain the importance and value of the activity.

      Often kids hear inappropriate words from peers or on TV and we spend time explaining why that word is not okay. Take the same amount of time (or even more!) re-enforcing and discussing the appropriate habits as they are done.

And remember, while you may be the biggest influencer, there are others that influence your kids. It’s okay to be picky when finding
the right coach, teacher/school, and daycare. It should be confirmed that they have the same values as you for your kids.

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