othing can compete with the love a mother has for her children, which is one of the reasons Purium’s Million Mom Movement has grown at a rapid pace.The Million Mom Movement is about changing the way families eat - one dinner table at a time. Women make 85 percent of all purchasing decisions in the home, which means they control what goes into the pantry and their children’s bodies. Purium wants to educate mothers about the negative effects of consuming processed, artificial foods and turn them on to the benefits of eating clean, green food. 
Amy Venner-Hamdi, president and chief operations officer of Purium, leads this massive movement to help moms take back the dinner table. As a mother to two daughters, she truly understands the challenges that modern moms face each day. “The Million Mom Movement has been a platform that people can identify with,” Amy says. “Every parent wants to take the best care of their children.” The proof is in the traction the movement has gained. “More than 10,000 families are eating cleaner and greener,” Amy says. “We’re seeing new communities across the United States and Canada jump on board and it’s spreading through Europe.”
As moms learn the proper way to nourish their families, they become proactive and begin to spread the word to others. From events to webinars to posts on social media, moms are empowering other moms to take control of nutrition. Purium products allow moms to make better choices for their families, starting with just one meal a day. “I encourage mothers to begin by committing to feed their families one healthy meal each day,” Amy says. “They will feel so good that they will start to crave healthy food and will want every meal to be clean and green.” Amy practices what she preaches. When her daughters Madilyn and Addison wanted after-school treats like their friends, she started making “energy bites” for her girls with healthy ingredients like flax seed.
A quote from Mother Teresa inspires Amy: “I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters that can create many ripples.” “With millions of families by my side casting their stones we’re not making ripples any more,” Amy says. “We are riding waves to health, happiness, financial success and well-being together.”
TO DEFEND the health of my family and myself.
TO REJECT GMOs, artificial ingredients, trans fats and over-processed foods.
TO EDUCATE MYSELF, read labels and lead by example.
TO UNDERSTAND that my actions today will positively impact the health of future generations.
Purium co-founder. Whole foods nutritionist. Environmental activist. Transformation expert. “The Green Foods Bible” author. Passionate doer. David Sandoval is known by many titles.